Hello Everyone!

Tom Hemp is opening it`s doors on March 18th 2017 and would love to show YOU its green world full of healthy treasures.

Now you’re curious, right ?! So what’s the story ? Tom Hemp found his wonderplant long long time ago and after many years of discovering his paradise he decided to share all the secrets and benefits of this superplant with humanity.

What are the reasons ? People around the world are getting more and more conscious about their health, the real needs of their body and nutrition in general. A lot of people would say it’s a trend, but no: It’s definetely more than this... It’s an attitude towards life: Heal your body heal your soul ! Can food realy influence a healing process ? The answer is yes, and hemp, in regards to that should be an important component in your daily life.

Hemp has an extremely high nutrient content and counts also to the group of superfoods. Superfoods became an essential on daily life for a lot of us. We want to free ourselves from harmful substances and disruptive elements, and replace them by the healing effects of wonderplants, like HEMP. Superfoods should have an anti-oxidising effect. Antioxidants are protecting your body from dangerous free radicals and therefore also from cell damages, which are causing diseases like cancer, diabetes or heart diseases. Hemp is working anti-inflammatory an as mentioned before anti-oxidising. The hemp plant is not just a superfood, but a medical plant with magical powers. Yes, the motto should be:“Let’s go back to mother nature !“

Open yourself towards hemp and please forget your thoughts of inebriation. Medical progress and new healing methods are linked to CBD, so is Tom Hemp in Berlin offering just products with CBD component. The wonderplant is part of natural medicine and will be standing in the center of our new project Tom Hemp... We can’t wait to see YOU and present you a completely new world of natural products & more in the middle of Berlin, Kreuzberg.


Tom Hemp's

Wrangelstrasse, 57

10997 Berlin

+49 030 91561029